Christmas is coming to town…

‘The month of August is about to end and here comes the month of September. Here in our country once its already month of “ber”rue.  everyone else would think that Christmas is just around the corner which is very true. Surely in the mall they are all preparing for the Christmas Decorations and they would sell decorations as early as September. Lemax villages  in this place you will have different variety of decorations and I surely you will it.

Every Weekend Trip

Since the start of school year, here I am being a roller coaster from one end to another end. It is just so tiring to have a trip just to get to another end of the place. Well, this would be my life. Hopefully not forever.


Trendy School Uniform

Goodbye summer and hello school days, oh Yes the school days just started. And the first week just over. Now the students are ready for their school uniforms, because wearing civilian attire just ended yesterday. So they are all reminded about their school uniforms and haircuts for the boys. Now we are all busy taking the orders for the school uniforms in preparation for the Monday uniform day. We are taking it by for burlap fabric by yd to have a nice fit with the students. Get the right measurement for each one of them would be very nice.

Birth Month Stone

When I celebrated my birthday I did not expect any gift from an unexpected person. The gift was given to me 3 days before my birthday. It was given by a friend of my friend which is their neighbor. We’ve just meet but she did not hesitate to give it to me. I am so thankful that someone like her gave me a birthday gift. It is gemstone rosary which is also my birth month stone.

Extended celebration of my Natal Day

Today my friend here in the city, would also want me to celebrate my birthday. Even on a simple way, so I cant say  “no”, here I am I cooked some food for them and they brought me cakes. Such a lovely gestures of these people whom I called friend. They are the most precious people that I treasure for I know they would always count me in, despite how difficult I am to reach out.

Thank you so much friends for all and Lord thank you for providing me such lovely friends.