Oh!!! Floor of my Life

A combination of major and general cleaning, but also it includes the renovation of our floor. So the money that I have for my work, I used it for the buying of tiles and cement. Also the payment for the labor of the worker to do the flooring.

Now, I can say that I am the one who spent for the floor of our house. Thank God for the blessings very nice to have more.

Life of a Teacher on vacation

Here it is summer time and at the same time its also our summer vacation. Oh, how I love summer especially if your also on a break. There are so much nice places that you can go to just to enjoy the summer.

Well I’ll start my summer break first by cleaning the house, I mean the entire house. Once it is done, then I can think another summer escapade.

Excellence awards for deserving Students

After things where given into account and a co inside of all the records. Here I am contemplating whether this student have to be passed and be in the rank. Oh well, she is a deserving student and a helpful one. Just a bad note because she has a line of 7 grades for her third grading period.

A song dedicated to the subject teacher just to change the grade boss bass from guitar center. I am glad that despite of my golden voice she still accepts my bargaining.

Once it is over….

I cant wait when the month of March is over. I am really so stressed out this month. Got to finish a lot of things, the research paper plus the grades of the students.

It actually added on my pressure the fact that my laptop is not really working properly. That I’ve been asking technician to fix this and still its not working. Just too much problem

Driving Skills Practice

I love it everytime I am doing my practice on driving. But still it irritates me every time people would look at me. I dont know why they would look at me and even smurf on me.

Why? is this really irritating. But anyways I am good and still doing and continue my driving skills.