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I never thought that I’ll have another blog to write. Before I thought I would stop for only 2 blogs. I feel that I no longer needed another blog. However when the offer was given, I immediately grabbed it and suddenly changed my min. I needed another blog to work on and later monetize it in the sooner date.

However, all this things wouldn’t happen without any help from my friend Genny my ever dearest friend, who would always give me a hint which is which. She’s the one who informed me about this giveaways free domain by Nita Thomas. Secondly, sis Nita Thomas from Bisdak Bloggers FB Community is the one who gave it to me for free. Because of her generosity here I am working on my third blog.

Best of luck for me in my another niche blog that I’ll be working on to make it as more prosperous just like any other blogs that I have. I’ll take it one step at a time and I know I will surely get it there.

As to say thank you for her generosity and friendship I am writing this post to show how much I appreciate and thank you so much for all the blessings that you kept on sharing to other fellow bloggers. May you continue to share your goodness and blessings to others and I know all the blessings will just come to your way.


Here she is tshanan..... Nita Thomas

Here are her blogs that you can check on and will be glad to follow it as well. Thank you much

Nita’s Random Thoughts
Nita’s Corner
Mom away from Work
Home Improvement made Easy
Healthy Eating Lifestyle

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  1. genny says:

    thanks to her as well….ganda naman ni Santa NIta dito…:-)

  2. I just hopped by to Say Hi Sunday! :-)
    Followed you on GFC

  3. Mary Bearden says:

    What a beautiful blog! I don’t think I have seen one like this before. I love the teddy bears at the bottom! Stopping by from the blog hop and now a new follower of yours thru GFC. I did not see Facebook so if you have one and need me to follow just let me know when you stop by and follow back. Also, I have an Eclipe Spa Products giveaway right now along with Hank Player for 2 tshirts for either a boy or girl and would love for you to enter. Thanks so much for your help and have a great day!


  4. Terri Babin says:

    Stopping by for Say Hi Sunday! Please follow back at and feel free to add your link to my Blog Directory under the “Bloggers” tab. I look forward to keeping in touch!


  5. Kathryn says:

    new follower, would love a follow back

  6. beth says:

    New Follower from Blog hop till you drop. Hoping you will follow back! =0)
    My Crazy Life

  7. Bobby says:

    Thank you for following Blog Hops Everyday and your support. We are now following you back. Please spread the word to help us grow any way you can. Thank you for your time.

    Your One Stop Blog Hop Shop
    Blog Hops Everyday
    A Mommy’s Blog Design Studio
    The Blogger’s Guide to Online Marketing

  8. Eye says:

    Hello there,

    Cute web sight.

    I am following from the HOOT hop, would love a follow back!
    your new follower

  9. Lea says:

    Happy Friday :) This is Lea from the Blog Hops Everyday stopping by to say hello and follow via your Google Friend Connect. It’s great to meet you and have the opportunity to check out your blog. I invite you to visit Mother Baby Child Blogspot to learn more about my family and blog topics. Hugs & Blessings :)

  10. Jessyca says:

    Hi Im your newest follower! Please follow me back at
    Have a great weekend!

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