Get ready for the Preschoolers

Preschool teachers are more aware that their students appear to be self – centered, demanding, annoying, energetic, curious, and adventurous little kid. When time comes that they are disappointed (getting low scores) or frustrated (lose in the game), expect that it will turn into an emotional outburst and will cry to let out their frustration and disappointment. This is the way they test their limits and how long is your patience. Headache and stressful sometimes this is what will give us teachers, if you don’t know how to handle this. But if you are aware and know how to get rid of this then if will be less stressful for you as a teacher.

Being a parent first then a teacher it requires a wide range of personal qualities and technical skills. You need to come together your talents of a teacher, director, mediator, chef, medic, consoler, and monster destroyer. So having students between the ages of 3 yrs old and six yrs old, is more challenging tasks. We are all aware that during these ages is an stage of development that comprises the early childhood for nursery or preschool and kindergarten years. During these years they are inclined to learn their communication skills, psycho-motor and problem solving skills with social interaction with their classmates. This is critical years for the preschooler because the behaviors and attitudes that are formed during this period last a lifetime.

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