Niche – Preschool Life

Before I have been wondering what would be the niche for this blog. Fortunately I am into preschool teaching so I’ve decided to make this blog my daily dairy as a preschool teacher. It also includes some techniques if you have toddlers or preschool kid for the parents. I will also include some games and some tips to make your child more adventurous and have fun in learning the foundation of school.

I am so excited to make this blog and keep it growing. However, these past weeks I am so busy with other things because I am getting ready to monetize my other blog. So I work on my other blog keep it up and do some traffic to make it more popular. But now I just cant leave this blog without doing anything. Like, what I said I so excited of this blog and keep on thinking what would be my first post and my succeeding posts.

What I am aware of; this blog will be an educational for the parents and for some teachers out there. I hope I will distribute and convey the message so simple to make life easier for everyone. Just hang on there and keep coming back as I offer different every week. I’ll see you around.

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