Responsible Son who wake up his Mom

My son and I sleep on the same room, where I held my early morning online class. From Monday to Friday I woke up as early as 5:00 am to prepare for my class on that morning.

However today, I slept around 1:00 am, because I watched movie Letters of Juliet. When my alarm clock alarmed I just turned it off and get back to sleep and thinking that I’ll be sleeping another 15minutes more. As I fall asleep my son wakes me up and reminded me that its almost 5:30 am. I immediately get up and rush to my computer and open it right away. Ohh God I am almost late in my class, thanks to my son who is responsible enough to wake me up, because he knows that I have class on that time.

My student is just waiting for me to come online to start our class. Because of this immediate adrenalin when I woke up, I also rush my class and let him read and read. I did not ask further question and let him talk more instead of keeps on reading. I am lost in our class but I stayed calm and did not let him notice it.

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