Sunnyville Early Childhood Learning Center – As a First Time Teacher

I did not expect that I would be a Teacher in Sunnyville Early Childhood Learning Center, because at that time I am still finishing my education course I am on my last semester when I applied for as a Teacher. But my boss did not hesitate to hire me and start working the next day. I know they are indeed in need of a Teacher at that time. Because of some issues with other previous teacher, I really make a commitment not to do the same thing.

When I started teaching the little kids, its really a big leap for me. Because its entirely different from what I am used to High School students. Just imagine what are the adjustments I made in order for me to have a different style of teaching with the little kids. It’s a tremendous change in my style of teaching, but with a few feedbacks from my other classmates and my aunt who is also teaching preschoolers. I changed abruptly and still go on with my tasks as a Preschool Teacher. With only a few days of preparation I made all my lesson plans and activities ready for my teaching.

Working with preschoolers are not an easy task, it takes a lot of energy and patience for you to be able to survive the whole day class. But I made it all possible with the help of my few friends and also with my boss. In addition, with the guidance of our Dear God.

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  1. ako gani kaniadto gusto nako sa preschool.. heheh kayang muyan… kuk.

    added you here dear ..

  2. Robin K says:

    Hi there, I am your newest GFC follower, stopping by through A helicopter Mom’s Alexa Hop from Couponing From Florida to Michigan. Feel free to follow back!

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