Television as a Medium of Learning for Preschoolers


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One of my toddler’s students could not say a word when he was 2 yrs old. For me I find it unusual, why he cold not speaks any word the least “Mommy” or “Daddy”. I try to talk to his mom, why her son is like that. She told me that her son don’t have any socialization activity social group activities and social and emotion activities with other kids. He is always inside the room and he keeps on watching television. Like the cartoons, movie or any pbs kids show.

The influence of television to children can sometimes create a bad habit. Especially the firs 5 years of early childhood, it is better spent in playing, reading, walking, talking, and painting and crafting, then pbs kids games – in other words these are all doing things together.

However, some parent fined that television is helpful for the growing years of their child. It may be beneficial to their child’s development, but parents should be first selective of what their children are watching. Like programs Barney or any other video learning material that can reinforce the values and principles you wish to develop in your child.

Second, limit your child’s daily view time. You don’t want t create as to your child’s habit so avoid spending too much time on the television. Instead spend other more valuable activities such as playing games, painting, and reading.

Third, you need to watch television together with your child. In that way you can monitor what he/she is watching and you can check and balance if that’s really helpful or not.

Finally, as a mother and parent to your child it always good to set a good example.

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  1. genny says:

    nice post…good example ba ko sa akong mga nieces ug nephews? bisag unsa lang man among tan awon…ehehe

  2. MsXpat says:

    Interesting. My son I. I admit when we are home together we spend most time with the tele on. However, its all kids programmes and as you say I watch it with him. Naturally most of the time is really crawling around the room but the few things that catch is interest for 10mins or so, I’ll point out things, repeat thing and ask questions. I’m soon to be an SAHM so I’m now tring to work out ways to have productive days for both of us. Any suggestions?

    • lady says:

      Hi MsXpat,

      That’s really nice for planning to be SAHM soon, if you’ll do that you need to prepare lots of activities for your son just to keep him busy and it will be an educational journey for him as well. I’ll be posting soon those things that you can keep in your home just to ease away his boredom. Good luck.


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