What shall the Parents do of a Preschooler?

 At this stage of a Preschooler, parents are the most important person for them. It’s only the parents who can understand their demands and sometimes tolerate their misbehavior. However what a parent can do with their preschooler is for them to understand that discipline is a teaching process. At first hand, it’s the first who teach their preschoolers about the discipline and behavior. Then from what I understand, discipline includes everything we do to teach our children with the way they think for themselves and for others. Then make a good decisions and choices.

For the parents to be effective in this way, parents should learn the way to teach, practice and reinforce any necessary rules for the good behavior, rather than announcing it to them.

Parents should always display good models to their preschoolers, because that is their basis for the good and bad then right and wrong. Parents should use manners for them to teach manners, how can they teach manners if the parents itself don’t have any manners. Then practice self – control to teach self – control. Above all, parents should remember that their kids or preschoolers trust their parents first. So just be consistent and maintain of being affectionate and appreciative to their unique world and try to see the situation in their own point of view. A little of some verbal encouragement to build motivation and self – esteem. Be proactive in correcting the misbehavior by redirecting your child to a positive replacement behaviors.

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