Importance of Language in the Early Years

In the early years of a child, they try to communicate us by crying, laughing and cooing. That’s their way to express what they want. By keep on listening to the sound of their parents they start to imitate the sound and start to develop some words. In the preschool years, they have acquired some words and even knows how to used it and when to used it.

On this stage some kids, would still cry if they want something. Instead of tolerating them not to talk what they want, try to convince them to say what they want. Don’t let them get used of crying if they need something. Because that behavior is only for infants not for preschool kids.

By 1 yr old, it’s a good practice to let your child practice some easy words. Like Mommy, Daddy, or pee or milk. Any word that has easy syllable, so that they will use this words instead of crying or whining. Some words where not uttered correctly that is good, but correct him/her more often so that he/she will learn the correct pronunciation. The purpose of this learning is for your child to stop crying and whining if they want something, but learn to use those words that you have introduce to them.

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  1. Mel Cole says:

    I soo agree with you sis. My toddler boy just learned lots of sentences now. It changes our conversation a great deal as we directly know what they want when they really say it. Thanks for commenting in my other blog sis. You caught my attention. :D

    • lady says:

      Hi Mel,

      Wow.. that’s nice.. keep on talking to him lang. You’ll never know, he is making stories na..

      I am thankful I caught your attention. Thanks for the visit and comment.


  2. Mary Bearden says:

    Well, looks like I am already following all three of your blogs! How in the heck can you keep up with three blogs and raise a child? I am only doing one and feel rushed all the time just to keep up! Of course I have Fibromyalgia, RA and IBS so my health is not good. My hat is off to you for being able to do so much. Have a great day!

  3. MsXpat says:

    Good clear and to the point post. I love the way you write.

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