United Nations Activity for Sunnyville and Oak Tree Learning Center

Just today we are going to celebrate our United Nations Activity together with the other school, Oak Tree Learning Center. All of us teachers consider is a big event that is why, we all decided to celebrate it in the big venue. We are all pleased that all our students were present together with the countries costume. I am so glad and happy to see all of them, participated and with their fabulous costume, they all look so amazing.

The program started with parade together with their country flags. They all walked along fantastic with great smiles and waving flags. These activity aim to boost their self – confidence in stage and performing in front of a big crowd. Every group of countries has its own performance and at the same time introduction part.

Its nice to see kids performing with their level of energy, nice to see them performing well enough. Over all presentation we all did a great job. I congratulate each and every one for this successful performance. Although some of my students got sick, they are still here to show off their talents and costume.

We us teachers, we also got our part, we are the one who represents our own country Philippines and as a finale, we also made our on stage performance. Nice one everyone…



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