Find the missing object

I’d like to share this game that I keep on doing to my student before we start our class. It would also enhance and exercise their memory.  Its a memory game and we called it… Find the Missing Object.

By the name of it, I guess you already have an idea on how to play this game. All you need for this game is are different kinds of toys but make sure if the toys are big it should be classify with the big toys and same with the small toys. For the first try just get different kinds of toys but make sure it has all same sizes. Then let them study the objects in front of them. After few seconds let them close their eyes and get one item hide it and try to rearrange the objects.

Let them guess what is the missing object among the five toys to displayed. Once they’ve guessed it, add another toy to make it more difficult.

Its just simple and easy game that you can play along with your preschool kids. But it will bring fun and at the same time practice their memory.

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  1. What a great activity! I will have to try this out with my little ones.

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