November 2011 Activity – Sleep Over/ Slumber Party

In our School Year Calendar, for the month of November 2011 its our Sleep Over Party here at Sunnyville Early Childhood Learning Center. We encourage everyone students to join us and let us all sleep here in the school. More than half of the students agreed their parents that their kids will sleep here in the school.

We encourage the K2 and K1 students to sleep here in the school. Good thing, only 2 students who did not attend in the said activity. But I am so surprise when our Nursery students joined us as well. It so nice seeing little kids be away from their parents once in a while. It may look odd for some, but it displays self – independence in an early age. A parent would be thankful enough, if their own child would be independent at that early age. This is the objective of this activity, to train up the child the way he should do.

Part of this activity is that they need to eat meal by themselves, and they need to fix the  food and table. Once they are all done, they need to fix the bed for them to get ready for sleep, that’s only after washing.


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