Perturb behavior that causes tempestous as a punishment

Before the class ends, there is something occurs that needs to deal accordingly and it should not just be ignored or just let it pass by.  An act that nobody expected and did not ever known that it would happen. Being the first person that needs to deal it, honestly its really hard and it feels so disappointed and dismay that I myself was being so bias and I that I just point fingers to somebody else.

These alarming behavior happens a month ago, that we pointed fingers to somebody else who is at fault. But later on we just found out that its not that somebody but its my own son who is at fault. We are so terrified when we found it out, we feel so down of how could my son done it? After all what we have done, providing what he needed and giving all what he wanted these is what he has given to us in return. No exact words to explain of how we are all disappointed. This disappointment resulted to a very painful punishment to my son, both my parents spank him to death for him to realize of what he has done is really unforgivable. As a mother, seeing your own son being punished by your own parents it really crashed my heart. A feeling of wanting to cover and protect him in every spank of the belt, just for him not to feel the pain. On the other hand, a feeling that you wanted your son to be disciplined and needs to suffer the consequences of what he has done.

As a single mother, I dont know of how it should be done accordingly. In my thoughts I am asking if my parents has the right to do that to my son. In the first place, its them who tolerated of his being so brat and spoiled one. Even though, they are the one providing food and shelter for us, I still believe that they dont have the right. But who I am to questioned them, its was their dignity that was ruined, it was their feelings that was hurt, it was their resources that was gone.

As of now, I am in the state of confusion. Whether we should leave this place and have our own life my son and I or I just have to continue ignoring that this that it did not happen, then we can continue living the place of my parents and continue taking advantage of all the things that they are providing. I really dont know and I keep on thinking that its time for us to leave and have our separate lives. But I just could not afford that as of the moment, my income is not enough for the needs of my son.

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  1. Lainy says:

    Hi Ada. Happy New Year! It’s been such a long time…

    As to this post, I feel sad that there are still parents who believes in corporal punishment. I bet you have already encountered the principles and philosophies on how a child must be disciplined in the realms of Early Childhood Care and Development. Such punishment is traumatic for a young kid. The shame, the physical and emotional pains are something that he shall try to live with for the rest of his life. If support system is weak, it will manifest in his behaviors later on in his adult life.

    I hope you’d be able to resolve the issue Re: staying with your parents’ house or finally living on your own.

    AS to your query Re: Lemlunay Rates, I shall send you a PM at ym.

    See yah!

    • lady says:

      Hi Lainybelle,

      My parents where overtaken by feeling of angry and betrayal that is why they do that. I want to understand them, but I just dont get the rationale. Just like you I dont agree about the corporal punishment. But my words here dont have the right to against them. I am really sad so sad :(


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