Take a look who Loves Me

As the Sleep over is fast approaching I am preparing and gathering some games that we could play during the sleep over party in the school. Upon my research I found some amazing games during the sleep over in some other schools. My students are only 3-6 yrs old, they are preschoolers, so not all games suitable for them. I choose some of the games that we can do in the school and here is one of the game that I’d to share with your guys before I will play it with my students.

Well, its not really a game, but its more of an activity than a game. Its “Look Who Loves (Name of the Child)”, for this activity you needed the following materials:

Construction Paper/ Art Paper
Crayons/ color pen
Markers/ Stickers for decorations

This activity is so simple, all you have to do is ask your students “Who loves you?”, then they need to write down the name or if they cant write the name, they can draw the person. Then, ask again “Who else loves you?” so they, need to write down names as many as they can remember that loves them. Once they are all finished, read each everyone list and on the top of the list with the title “Looks who Loves Me (Name of the Child) and let her decorate it with crayons and markers or stickers.

After doing it, stick it on the bulletin board or they can bring it home and stick on her/his bedroom wall to remind him/her how much she/he is loved.

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