Vacation Blast in Cagayan De Oro City

For this semester break that my son and I have, we decided to go to my cousins place in Cagayan De Oro City. We will be spending 5 days here roaming around and exploring what Cagayan De Oro could offer for us. After a very long traveled by land we got so exhausted but not when we arrived home. The sons of my cousins were excited of our arrival, after my son laid off his bag. He immediately joined the group and played with them.

I am so happy that my son, get along with them easily. Its nice that my son dont feel alone nor out of place. I just hope it would make him feel better after what happened at home. My cousin and I were talking of the activity that we might going to do while we are there. She mentioned about Vacation Blast. I was laughing about her funny activity for my son to enjoy the vacation. Well, basically my son enjoys so much in the beach. She made sure that it will be full of beach activity during the first 3 days.

True enough we have beach in the early morning and beach again during late afternoon. My son’s skin surely its more darker now than it was before. Then after the beach activity, we went to Bukidnon to experience the zip line, the adventure where quite rough and long but it made us all smile. Its really a vacation blast we have in Cagayan De Oro City.



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