What to do on the First week of Class?

Even been wondered on what should I do with my students on the first week of class after a long vacation. I am just done doing the art activity and we made a different twist other than the usual art work activity. You can check on my previous post.

On the first activity planner that is the Art Work Activity giving a welcome note and considering their interests in the art. We made it all happened and its all really work out so fine. We all see their smiles and laughter, they enjoy the different art work activity outside.

Then we planned for outdoor games with some goodies and favors as prizes. It was all tiring because you need to guide them and assist them on what to do in the game. I just could not hold on to my excitement I even joined them and participate as well in the game. To my excitement I cheer as well for my own team. It was all fun and not to mention the sweat.

After the games our next activity would be the performance day. We prepared some dance music and we would let them dance and groove their body to the max. Here is the twist, there is a big prize for the winner. For them to win they need to show their best dance steps and groove their bodies. A hidden judge will rate them and evaluate, then we will choose the top 3 dancers. Then they will dance again but this time they need to follow our steps. The students who remain to keep our dance steps will be the winner.


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