Fools Day on April 1st myspace graphic comments

Today is April 1st and its April fools day. I actually didn’t know it until I was a victim of fooling around with my friends. I dont know why I am so gullible that I could believe easily. Just to make a point on this, a friend of mine where shouting on her facebook wall that she will be going to Palau. I am so excited of her and message her right away that I want to join her. She just keep on laughing at me. Then I keep on asking for the details of how much is the fare?, when is her flight? where is she going to stay? how long is she going to stay? All these questions she answered it heartily without any procrastination.

All her answers where believable and good, so I really believe in her right away. Without my knowledge she keeps on laughing at me. Then before we say goodbye to each other. She asked me what date today, and I just told her its April 1st conveniently. Then when we say bye to each other, I am thinking why she is asking for the date. Only to realize its the April fools day. Fool me.



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