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Goodies and Favors for my Students

For the past weeks we’ve been practicing for our Christmas Party Presentation. I know they are all tired and maybe they no longer want to go to school. To make it something more exciting on their part and also motivation, I prepared goodies and favors for students who can perform well during our practice. I only prepared marshmallows and jelly that they would enjoy.

This is just small thing, but for them I know it will give a big impact for them to go to school for this week last practice, because by friday it will be our Christmas Party. I’ll be dealing so much of their mastery and polishing of their movements. It would be the most tiring one, because if we cant make it perfect at least almost. That is my goal, I dont want them to perform without any goal. As much as possible I hope they will show the best performance they’ve ever had.

Goodies and favors will make the teacher life more  easier when it comes to motivation. That is why I am not run out of goodies and favors in my bag. Every pay day, I am buying a bag of marshmallows and jelly, sometimes if I could afford box of chocolates.



Checking Curriculum for Nursery Students

Since we are all in preparation for the our Department of Education visit for the approval of our license. I am looking for curriculum that is adaptable in our holistic approach as what the school mission and vision. Asking some of my co – teachers and friends in our school. I was enlighten with some ideas. Good thing if you are surrounded with friends and people that has the same profession as you do. You can also asked tips and suggestions from them, then share funny experiences that you have during your teaching.

When I arrange my curriculum for my nursery students. I make sure that I started from the very beginning of foundation in education. For the first 2 months, I assigned this as first step program, in this program its all about recognition or recalling the colors, shapes, number and letters. This is just recalling, it also includes games and activity that will make it more interactive and fun with the students.

For the next 2 months, I prepared as in deep knowledge of the numbers and letters. For 8 weeks we have Letters and Numbers of the week that we will study more and understand more. For it to be more fun and playful with my students I also include some nursery rhymes that we can sing along all together as the lessons progresses.

Then for the remaining 3 months we have the sound of the week. All through out this week we will be sounding each letter for the preparation in reading. This is just the general concept I have for my curriculum, but for the exact list of my Curriculum Plan I have to double check some information.

Preparation for the Upcoming Christmas Party

This week is intended for our planning meeting for the upcoming Christmas Party of Sunnyville Learning Center. As early as now, we are already preparing for this big event in our school. We would like to make it the most performance for our K2, K1 and Nursery students.

Its not easy to practice and let the students perform on stage. It takes time and lots of effort and motivation to let them sing and dance on stage in front of many people. That is why we made sure we have enough time to practice and this 2 weeks of practice and preparation I guess would be enough for them to perform at its best.

Including in the preparation is the choosing of dance music for each level. For each level we made sure that they can perform well. The easy and most appealing christmas songs are the one we prepared. Including their costume, we also inform each parents about the costume that they need to prepare for their kids. I am so glad that parents cooperate well, they didn’t even complain as to why they need to do this and that.

I guess we’ve prepared all, we just have to polish everything including the movements and positioning of each students. Cant wait for them to perform on the stage with their fabulous costume.

Lesson that our Child might get From us

While I do my usual reading in the school, I encounter this lesson from a book of “How to Behave, so you Preschooler will, too!” by Sal Severe, Ph. D.

It’s an interesting book, especially if you are raising preschoolers. You will learn from simple information to a more detailed ways. And so I’d like to share this information. I hope the author would not mind at all. Anyways I already cited his own book.

What you Do

What Your Child Will Learn

You argue, yell or call people names Child can be rude.
You get angry with your child Child can get angry with parents, siblings and friends.
You have an emotional outburst. Child can have tantrums.
You belittle or shame your child Child can be critical to others and himself.

It is essential on our part as a parents to give good example to our own children.

What you Do

What Your Child Will Learn

You snack on candy between meals. Child can eat candy between meals.
You watch TV several hours each day. Child can watch TV for hours.
You yell something obscene at someone who takes your parking place. Child can be verbally offensive.

Learning habits should start from us, before our own child will develop their own habits.


What you Do

What Your Child Will Learn

You apologize for using bad language Child can apologize
You speak in a calm voice, instead of an angry one. Child can use calm voice.
You take responsibility for your anger. Child can take responsibility for his anger.
You show self – control in challenging situation. Child can stay calm when provoked.
You use polite language Child can use polite language.
You are kind to others. Child can be kind to others.

November 2011 Activity – Sleep Over/ Slumber Party

In our School Year Calendar, for the month of November 2011 its our Sleep Over Party here at Sunnyville Early Childhood Learning Center. We encourage everyone students to join us and let us all sleep here in the school. More than half of the students agreed their parents that their kids will sleep here in the school.

We encourage the K2 and K1 students to sleep here in the school. Good thing, only 2 students who did not attend in the said activity. But I am so surprise when our Nursery students joined us as well. It so nice seeing little kids be away from their parents once in a while. It may look odd for some, but it displays self – independence in an early age. A parent would be thankful enough, if their own child would be independent at that early age. This is the objective of this activity, to train up the child the way he should do.

Part of this activity is that they need to eat meal by themselves, and they need to fix the  food and table. Once they are all done, they need to fix the bed for them to get ready for sleep, that’s only after washing.


Take a look who Loves Me

As the Sleep over is fast approaching I am preparing and gathering some games that we could play during the sleep over party in the school. Upon my research I found some amazing games during the sleep over in some other schools. My students are only 3-6 yrs old, they are preschoolers, so not all games suitable for them. I choose some of the games that we can do in the school and here is one of the game that I’d to share with your guys before I will play it with my students.

Well, its not really a game, but its more of an activity than a game. Its “Look Who Loves (Name of the Child)”, for this activity you needed the following materials:

Construction Paper/ Art Paper
Crayons/ color pen
Markers/ Stickers for decorations

This activity is so simple, all you have to do is ask your students “Who loves you?”, then they need to write down the name or if they cant write the name, they can draw the person. Then, ask again “Who else loves you?” so they, need to write down names as many as they can remember that loves them. Once they are all finished, read each everyone list and on the top of the list with the title “Looks who Loves Me (Name of the Child) and let her decorate it with crayons and markers or stickers.

After doing it, stick it on the bulletin board or they can bring it home and stick on her/his bedroom wall to remind him/her how much she/he is loved.

Find the missing object

I’d like to share this game that I keep on doing to my student before we start our class. It would also enhance and exercise their memory.  Its a memory game and we called it… Find the Missing Object.

By the name of it, I guess you already have an idea on how to play this game. All you need for this game is are different kinds of toys but make sure if the toys are big it should be classify with the big toys and same with the small toys. For the first try just get different kinds of toys but make sure it has all same sizes. Then let them study the objects in front of them. After few seconds let them close their eyes and get one item hide it and try to rearrange the objects.

Let them guess what is the missing object among the five toys to displayed. Once they’ve guessed it, add another toy to make it more difficult.

Its just simple and easy game that you can play along with your preschool kids. But it will bring fun and at the same time practice their memory.

What to do on the First week of Class?

Even been wondered on what should I do with my students on the first week of class after a long vacation. I am just done doing the art activity and we made a different twist other than the usual art work activity. You can check on my previous post.

On the first activity planner that is the Art Work Activity giving a welcome note and considering their interests in the art. We made it all happened and its all really work out so fine. We all see their smiles and laughter, they enjoy the different art work activity outside.

Then we planned for outdoor games with some goodies and favors as prizes. It was all tiring because you need to guide them and assist them on what to do in the game. I just could not hold on to my excitement I even joined them and participate as well in the game. To my excitement I cheer as well for my own team. It was all fun and not to mention the sweat.

After the games our next activity would be the performance day. We prepared some dance music and we would let them dance and groove their body to the max. Here is the twist, there is a big prize for the winner. For them to win they need to show their best dance steps and groove their bodies. A hidden judge will rate them and evaluate, then we will choose the top 3 dancers. Then they will dance again but this time they need to follow our steps. The students who remain to keep our dance steps will be the winner.


A Different Kind of Art Work Activity

Just recently we had our semester break for two weeks. And now we are back again in school and starts our classes. But we did not indulge right away ourselves in books and lessons. We would like that there still good in school other than books and lessons. We bring out the activity outside the school for the students to enjoy it.

We bring with us our colored chalk and here we are enjoy our giant drawing book and colored them with rainbow colors. The students got their feet and hands busy working for this art activity.


Busy doing their business


So busy little kids


Finish Product


After this activity its relaxing to know that they love it and they love keep going in school. The main objectives for this activity has been realized and achieved.

Perturb behavior that causes tempestous as a punishment

Before the class ends, there is something occurs that needs to deal accordingly and it should not just be ignored or just let it pass by.  An act that nobody expected and did not ever known that it would happen. Being the first person that needs to deal it, honestly its really hard and it feels so disappointed and dismay that I myself was being so bias and I that I just point fingers to somebody else.

These alarming behavior happens a month ago, that we pointed fingers to somebody else who is at fault. But later on we just found out that its not that somebody but its my own son who is at fault. We are so terrified when we found it out, we feel so down of how could my son done it? After all what we have done, providing what he needed and giving all what he wanted these is what he has given to us in return. No exact words to explain of how we are all disappointed. This disappointment resulted to a very painful punishment to my son, both my parents spank him to death for him to realize of what he has done is really unforgivable. As a mother, seeing your own son being punished by your own parents it really crashed my heart. A feeling of wanting to cover and protect him in every spank of the belt, just for him not to feel the pain. On the other hand, a feeling that you wanted your son to be disciplined and needs to suffer the consequences of what he has done.

As a single mother, I dont know of how it should be done accordingly. In my thoughts I am asking if my parents has the right to do that to my son. In the first place, its them who tolerated of his being so brat and spoiled one. Even though, they are the one providing food and shelter for us, I still believe that they dont have the right. But who I am to questioned them, its was their dignity that was ruined, it was their feelings that was hurt, it was their resources that was gone.

As of now, I am in the state of confusion. Whether we should leave this place and have our own life my son and I or I just have to continue ignoring that this that it did not happen, then we can continue living the place of my parents and continue taking advantage of all the things that they are providing. I really dont know and I keep on thinking that its time for us to leave and have our separate lives. But I just could not afford that as of the moment, my income is not enough for the needs of my son. - free web fonts download. See this Wordpress fonts plugin