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Semester Break – Handwriting Practice

After the long 5 days vacation we have in Cagayan De Oro City, before the classes will start, I made sure that my son Andre will practice his writing more often. Even if we are in Cagayan De Oro City having fun in our vacation I still find time to get paper and pen for my son to practice his writing. But now we are done with our vacation its time to give focus and concentrate his writing practice.

Just good enough we have one more to go before the class will start. During that day, I really force my son to focus on his concentration in practicing his handwriting. My son’s handwriting where terrible, that even himself he could not recognize what he wrote on his notebook. That really make me feels alarmed, that its not good anymore. I can no longer just ignore it, so that is why I made some course of action about it. The only thing that I could think of, is for him to spend something in practicing it. Here we are spending some time and I really have to check on him every now and then, because my son sometimes losses focus he is doing something else, instead of his work.

After an hour of writing finally, his handwriting is improving. I hope this one would be also the same when he is writing to his notebook. By the time the classes will start I will check on his notebook more often.


Got a Break for a while in Blogging World

Its been how many days since I am out here in this blogospher world. I was out because a lot of things bothers me lately and I could not have focus in updating my blog. I apologize for my dear readers if I put you on hold. I hope and promise that this up coming days, this blog will be filled up with so much joy, fun and exciting to read about.

The upcoming United Nations also keep my hand busy because of this preparation I have to do and prepare lots of things, I need to get ready my students for their performance and for the program, the venue and the equipment and sound system. I have my assistant working on that, but still not enough because you have to follow up and check everything if its place in order.

I dont know how to put this in words, but I will try. I am a little bit in low spirit right now, such a failure and loser person I am. Because of my narrow headed and high pride ego, here I am alone. The feeling of being alone and there is something that I need to let out so I’ll just brag that emotions here.

Feeling bad so bad. Forgive me if you are confused reading this I am totally lost.

Let your Child Perform on stage to boost their self – esteem

I remember before it is one of our big event in the school calendar. All of our students need to perform an stage play. I made the script and I make sure that every student have their own line to say and they are going to portray each character of a story. They are all required to wear their costume on the said event.

But before the event took place we have enormous changes in our script and performance. Because this one parent of my student decided that she wants her daughter to be the lead actress. I reasoned out why I didn’t choose her daughter, I told her that her daughter have difficulty in speech and we dont want to pressure her, we are just giving task that is enough for her capacity. But the parent insist, and so I changed the script again. I am aiming that the student will go on stage and perform her character. After few practices the said student didn’t show up and I was wondering why she isn’t showing up. Where in fact, I already changed the script and decided she will be part of the lead actresses. Only to find out, the mother decided not to let her daughter join the stage play. So again I changed the script.

We as a parents, we always support our kids in any activities that they have in the school. Through that activities they will gain socialization and boost their self confidence. Its not always that our kids will go on stage and perform their talents. Its not because they can sing and dance at home, they can also do that on stage with so many people and big crowd. Some would be frightened and wont go on. But this is the stage of development that they need to conquer on, as the time goes by they need to deal big crowd.  So as early as now, its good if you would help them practice being independent and confident in the big crowd. That is what we are trying to develop with our student so as much as possible we make sure that all of them will go on stage and perform.

United Nations Program for Sunnyville Learning Center

Its been a while since I am away and never had any update of my blog. As you can see in my last post, I was in deep misery and never had the mood to write anything good. Just until today, I decided to get up and make an update for this blog. I apologize for all my readers and visitors. I’ll try to keep this blog more updated and got more stuff to read for your kids and parenting stuff.

As of this week, we are busy preparing for the upcoming United Nations program of our school. Other than Christmas Party and Graduation Program, United Nations Program is considered as one of the biggest event in our school. Our school administrator decided to do the event in the bigger place with the other school Oak Tree Early Childhood Center. While busy for the preparation of this upcoming big event. We as a teacher busy as well preparing our students to their stage performance and the introduction part.

We have students who are having speech difficulties and delay in speech. So we make an extra effort for them to say at least one word just to introduce themselves. Its a lot of job to do and work on, its not easy because we only have 2 weeks to go and its the big event already. We have to make our effort double this time as the students need to practice for their performance.

Finally, its nice to be back again with the hope to post more lively and funny articles. Thank you for keeping with me in my darkest moments.


Christmas without you…

Before posting some reliable and informative about parenting and preschoolers kid. Let me out my misery as of the moment. I want to make it personal upon writing this post. I just want you all my dear readers, think that this post is based on what I feel right now.

I am in deep, deep misery. You may asked why I in misery right now, for my so long boyfriend didn’t contact me for almost 2 months now. Yes, we are in a long distance relationship. I don’t know what went wrong as to why he no longer bothers to communicate with me. Being so high pride, I don’t want to make the first move, I feel that he is oblige to do it, if not at least volunteer to show that he really loves me. But sad to say, it seems that he no longer remembers me.

As the Holiday Season is fast approaching, I therefore conclude that my Christmas would be lonely as a blue and I’ll have an empty heart for this season. Next Christmas I make sure that I won’t give my heart, because you might gonna throw it again and I’ll have a lonely Christmas again.

Lonely Hearts on Holiday Season

Just like any other Christmas, I’ll be celebrating it again loveless. It’s been for a while that I have been dreaming of having a love life during holiday season. Its not that I am after for a gift, but what I am really after for is the love shared while celebrating Christmas. Its been so long that I’ve experienced that and I no longer remember how it is.

Again as the year 2011 ends, I hope next year I won’t be celebrating Christmas loveless. It’s just pop up to my mind when my grandmother told me. You are so poor if you don’t have love life. Don’t be poor and don’t allow that to happen. Sad, but its happening now for more than how many consecutive years, no matter how much I tried, still I end up nothing and no one.

Just my yearly rant that I would like to share, if we have the same thoughts ( I hope not) Tell me what you have done to overcome this loneliness and emptiness during the holiday season.

Television as a Medium of Learning for Preschoolers


The picture is not mine

One of my toddler’s students could not say a word when he was 2 yrs old. For me I find it unusual, why he cold not speaks any word the least “Mommy” or “Daddy”. I try to talk to his mom, why her son is like that. She told me that her son don’t have any socialization activity social group activities and social and emotion activities with other kids. He is always inside the room and he keeps on watching television. Like the cartoons, movie or any pbs kids show.

The influence of television to children can sometimes create a bad habit. Especially the firs 5 years of early childhood, it is better spent in playing, reading, walking, talking, and painting and crafting, then pbs kids games – in other words these are all doing things together.

However, some parent fined that television is helpful for the growing years of their child. It may be beneficial to their child’s development, but parents should be first selective of what their children are watching. Like programs Barney or any other video learning material that can reinforce the values and principles you wish to develop in your child.

Second, limit your child’s daily view time. You don’t want t create as to your child’s habit so avoid spending too much time on the television. Instead spend other more valuable activities such as playing games, painting, and reading.

Third, you need to watch television together with your child. In that way you can monitor what he/she is watching and you can check and balance if that’s really helpful or not.

Finally, as a mother and parent to your child it always good to set a good example.

Learning the Parenting Behavior

Before dwelling so much into parenting I would like also to add here, on how we learn to be a parent. Where did we get the learning to be a parent? There are a lot of books that tells so much about parenting and family and magazine that will lead you the in and out of parenting.

As far as I know, we tend to parent the way we were parented. We are most likely the same with our parents if we are not aware of this. But if we are fully aware we apt to choose methods that we like to apply, then we just ignore things that we do not like to use. This is very critical, for you become aware about your parenting styles; we sometimes need someone to tell us about it.

Then we can learn by watching other parents and talking with friends about their experiences. From them you can learn something new and you can choose to apply it, it may not be effective as it is effective to others but at least you will have an idea you will just give it some twist to make it more effective for your children.

We can also learn by doing the trial and error, this is the most common thing happen as a first time parent. Just like me, I tend to do trial and error when I gave birth to my son. Its fun but its rewarding sometimes and always remembers what is the effective way for your children. Always remember this being a parent there is no perfect strategies you may combine with other styles and strategies but 1 strategy alone is not enough.

What shall the Parents do of a Preschooler?

 At this stage of a Preschooler, parents are the most important person for them. It’s only the parents who can understand their demands and sometimes tolerate their misbehavior. However what a parent can do with their preschooler is for them to understand that discipline is a teaching process. At first hand, it’s the first who teach their preschoolers about the discipline and behavior. Then from what I understand, discipline includes everything we do to teach our children with the way they think for themselves and for others. Then make a good decisions and choices.

For the parents to be effective in this way, parents should learn the way to teach, practice and reinforce any necessary rules for the good behavior, rather than announcing it to them.

Parents should always display good models to their preschoolers, because that is their basis for the good and bad then right and wrong. Parents should use manners for them to teach manners, how can they teach manners if the parents itself don’t have any manners. Then practice self – control to teach self – control. Above all, parents should remember that their kids or preschoolers trust their parents first. So just be consistent and maintain of being affectionate and appreciative to their unique world and try to see the situation in their own point of view. A little of some verbal encouragement to build motivation and self – esteem. Be proactive in correcting the misbehavior by redirecting your child to a positive replacement behaviors.

If I had my Child to Raise over Again

I want to share this poem coming from Diane Loomans.


If I had my child to raise over again,

I’d fingerpaint more and point the finger less.

I’d do less correcting and more connecting.

I’d take my eyes off my watch, and watch with my eyes.

I would care to know less and know to care more.

I’d take more hikes and fly more kites.

I’d stop playing serious, and seriously play.

I’d run through more fields and gaze at more stars.

I’d do more hugging and less tugging.

I would be firm less often, and affirm much more.

I’d built self –esteem first, and the house later.

I’d teach less about the love of power, and more about the power of love.


This is really an inspiring poem for all of us as parents to our kids. Sometimes we tend to forget what our little ones needs and we focus more on a bigger aspect of life. I really can’t blame with that, because I myself as a parents would do much more work than play with my son and its always the house that comes first to my priority.

Upon reading this poem it made me realize my mistakes and flaws. Now I want to raise my son all over again to follow some points of this poem. I guess with that I can make my son a better and good man in the future. But it’s too late; well he is no longer a pre school but becoming a teenage so I guess I need to have a different approach.