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Lonely Hearts on Holiday Season

Just like any other Christmas, I’ll be celebrating it again loveless. It’s been for a while that I have been dreaming of having a love life during holiday season. Its not that I am after for a gift, but what I am really after for is the love shared while celebrating Christmas. Its been so long that I’ve experienced that and I no longer remember how it is.

Again as the year 2011 ends, I hope next year I won’t be celebrating Christmas loveless. It’s just pop up to my mind when my grandmother told me. You are so poor if you don’t have love life. Don’t be poor and don’t allow that to happen. Sad, but its happening now for more than how many consecutive years, no matter how much I tried, still I end up nothing and no one.

Just my yearly rant that I would like to share, if we have the same thoughts ( I hope not) Tell me what you have done to overcome this loneliness and emptiness during the holiday season.

Communicating with your Child through Language

When I entered as a preschool teacher, I have a student before who doesn’t say any word. She is already 6 yrs old but she could not say a word clearly. When I talked to her mother, only to find out she was diagnosed that she has speech delay disabilities. It was when she was still a little girl, when her own parents don’t talk to her that often. Poor little girl because she did not develop her speech during those years. Every time I talked to her I always let her see my mouth moving, and she starts to imitate it and she even holds my mouth.

Teaching the language to the kids should be given a priority because this one will help them communicating with their peers, siblings, and family. For them to interact and socialize with other kids, and also for them to play independently with other kids.

Here are some ways to teach your child when they are:


If your child is upset and angry, just talk to them in calm way. Use simple words and phrases for them to easy understand you. Because they could not comprehend at that very moment.

Teach Correct Behavior

For parents who are successful used the language and reasoning to teach their preschooler behavior. In order for a child to know when to used it and where to apply it in the same situation. Parents should be dedicated and committed to teach how to control them selves.

Teach Good Listening Skills

Preschoolers are difficult to make them listening and if they will listen its only for the short span of time. Its not because they are hard headed or just trying to pissed you off. That is normal for their age; their brains are still developing so they can only focus on one thing. If they are playing, no matter how many times you called their name, they would not look at you. Unless they are done playing certain things.

To improve your child’s listening ability, you have to show how to be a good listener. Like if he is talking to you, put down all the things you are doing and listened to him. Make an eye to eye contact. And remind him that’s how to be a good listener. Then once he did that to you, when you called his name you always say “thank you for being a good listener”.

Recognition and Appreciation build self esteem for your children

For years now, I have developed this attitude of good job and job well done remarks to my student and I make sure that I say it with all my heart and with all smiles. To my students, every time I say that, they would smile and boost up to their class mates that they have done a good job. I have noticed it, for a little appreciation and recognition from you that you given to your children. They would feel the confidence and that is the way to develop their self – esteem. Once children have developed the self – esteem in him, he would no longer have the fear to mingle and socialize with other kids.

I also applied that to my son who is 10 years old now; well he is no longer a child. But still he needs to developed his self – esteem because he is ready to mingle and have set of friends. For him not to be aloof and alone in the school nor shy away in participating in the class. I give a 100 % appreciation to my son, sometimes I am giving him a reward but its not money. It a little thing, like for example: he will have another 30 minutes in the computer or another 30 minutes in the TV or maybe 30 minutes to play with his toys or playmates. Then if I have money, I would tell him that we will buy his favorite ice cream or cake. In that little way, I would make him feel that if he does good, he will have this. In the long run, I would like him to do good always and make it a habit not just because of the reward that he is getting but he will turn this into a habit of doing good.

Sunnyville Early Childhood Learning Center – As a First Time Teacher

I did not expect that I would be a Teacher in Sunnyville Early Childhood Learning Center, because at that time I am still finishing my education course I am on my last semester when I applied for as a Teacher. But my boss did not hesitate to hire me and start working the next day. I know they are indeed in need of a Teacher at that time. Because of some issues with other previous teacher, I really make a commitment not to do the same thing.

When I started teaching the little kids, its really a big leap for me. Because its entirely different from what I am used to High School students. Just imagine what are the adjustments I made in order for me to have a different style of teaching with the little kids. It’s a tremendous change in my style of teaching, but with a few feedbacks from my other classmates and my aunt who is also teaching preschoolers. I changed abruptly and still go on with my tasks as a Preschool Teacher. With only a few days of preparation I made all my lesson plans and activities ready for my teaching.

Working with preschoolers are not an easy task, it takes a lot of energy and patience for you to be able to survive the whole day class. But I made it all possible with the help of my few friends and also with my boss. In addition, with the guidance of our Dear God.

Thank You – Nita Thomas

I never thought that I’ll have another blog to write. Before I thought I would stop for only 2 blogs. I feel that I no longer needed another blog. However when the offer was given, I immediately grabbed it and suddenly changed my min. I needed another blog to work on and later monetize it in the sooner date.

However, all this things wouldn’t happen without any help from my friend Genny my ever dearest friend, who would always give me a hint which is which. She’s the one who informed me about this giveaways free domain by Nita Thomas. Secondly, sis Nita Thomas from Bisdak Bloggers FB Community is the one who gave it to me for free. Because of her generosity here I am working on my third blog.

Best of luck for me in my another niche blog that I’ll be working on to make it as more prosperous just like any other blogs that I have. I’ll take it one step at a time and I know I will surely get it there.

As to say thank you for her generosity and friendship I am writing this post to show how much I appreciate and thank you so much for all the blessings that you kept on sharing to other fellow bloggers. May you continue to share your goodness and blessings to others and I know all the blessings will just come to your way.


Here she is tshanan..... Nita Thomas

Here are her blogs that you can check on and will be glad to follow it as well. Thank you much

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Another Day for my Baby

Just another day for my baby and its a countdown until it will fully mature. But don’t you worry not all the posts that I will be making here is just a countdown it won’t make any sense at all. Just this day, because I still could not make up my mind on what to write and how to make it looks fresh. I know what I am exactly doing right now is very opposite to what my goal and dream of making this blog. Just please give me sometime to think it over and until I will have a bright idea.

For the meantime, I can’t wait until the day it mature and will have some more opportunities to earn. Yes the main purpose of having this online diary is to earn. Other than what I have online earnings, I also wanted to earn more not because I am greedy just that I am preparing for something more big and something more stable. So anything that will have chance of earning I will take a risk of giving my time but not really spending or giving out some cash.

I am counting and I can’t wait until that day. Excited

This new baby is born

Another baby of mine is born and yes, I have to work on this just like the way I take cared my other 2 babies. I am maintaining two blog now and they are the following: Single Mother on the go and Travel to my Dreams. Well I am so happy that by now I can utilize more and earn more by having another blog to work on. Its not easy to work on the blog but at least I already have an idea on how to make it. I have lots of plans for this blog but I am still thinking of what would be the best niche for this. As of this moment I still could not arrive a decision. Nonetheless I already have I just have to write what I feel to write I guess that would what happened for this blog. An online diary I guess, this is most suited for this url….

I know its not new to anyone here an online diary, but I still need to think some more of how this blog of mine will be new to the eyes of the many. As of now I could not think of how to make it look fresh, I have to do some more research. So in my up coming posts I will be telling more of that.

For now.. I welcome everyone for this new blog of mine. I wish to see you more and keep on coming back…