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Fascinating ways that your Preschoolers can Learn

Teachers in the preschool needs to be more creative and imaginative in their teaching strategies. As a teacher of the preschoolers, every time I introduce new topic I always wonder how can they learn from me? Would they understand what I’ll be teaching them? To attained the objectives of my lesson, I making sure in every activity they would learn and at the same time have fun.

It has been told many times that children are great imitators. They can learn easily through imitations. In fact preschoolers can learn so much of their behavior by just observing and imitating to the people around them. As a parent you have a direct interaction and give a big impact on the behavior you are showing them. Always display or show good attitudes and manners then they will also follow you.

Preschoolers are believer of fantasy or make – believe. Their fantasy world help them to connect with the reality. They love to pretend like they are the father, mother, doctors, teachers, policeman, soldier and so much more. As long as it will display power just like superheroes. In my classes I always portray as the fairy god mother who has the strongest power. With that imagination they will tend to focus more on me, because sometimes I am dress up like a fairy god mother, I also have my own magic wand. All through out our class, all eyes on me and from there on I can introduce the new lesson for them. Easy as that.

The last one that I am using for the preschoolers to learn is through stories. Reading stories for my students is our chance to bond. They mostly like fantasy stories and they would listen and focus to you very well. From that short stories they can learn values, good attitudes and good behavior. This is the moment that they are encourage to share and say something about the readings. It will develop their cognitive and language skills.




Let your Child Perform on stage to boost their self – esteem

I remember before it is one of our big event in the school calendar. All of our students need to perform an stage play. I made the script and I make sure that every student have their own line to say and they are going to portray each character of a story. They are all required to wear their costume on the said event.

But before the event took place we have enormous changes in our script and performance. Because this one parent of my student decided that she wants her daughter to be the lead actress. I reasoned out why I didn’t choose her daughter, I told her that her daughter have difficulty in speech and we dont want to pressure her, we are just giving task that is enough for her capacity. But the parent insist, and so I changed the script again. I am aiming that the student will go on stage and perform her character. After few practices the said student didn’t show up and I was wondering why she isn’t showing up. Where in fact, I already changed the script and decided she will be part of the lead actresses. Only to find out, the mother decided not to let her daughter join the stage play. So again I changed the script.

We as a parents, we always support our kids in any activities that they have in the school. Through that activities they will gain socialization and boost their self confidence. Its not always that our kids will go on stage and perform their talents. Its not because they can sing and dance at home, they can also do that on stage with so many people and big crowd. Some would be frightened and wont go on. But this is the stage of development that they need to conquer on, as the time goes by they need to deal big crowd.  So as early as now, its good if you would help them practice being independent and confident in the big crowd. That is what we are trying to develop with our student so as much as possible we make sure that all of them will go on stage and perform.

Parents can motivate their children to Perform on the stage

I remember once, I have a student who has stage fright. He would not mind at all not performing on the stage and he wont also get envy to his classmates who are enjoying holding the microphone and dancing on the stage. I am concerned why he would not do such thing, I talked to my student and he told me that his mommy is not around. I feel so pity of how the child felt in the absence of his parents.

There is also one instance, it just happened recently. A parent who disagree on me, because I announced in the class together with the parents to please help me motivate their children to perform well on the stage and focus on the dancing steps. This parent immediately voice out her side and said, “its not our part to motivate our children, in the first place, its you who initiated this program so motivate our child to perform well on the stage. Dont give us another job, we have so much things to do.” I feel so ouch at that time. How can a parent say that?

I feel the discussion is getting is no where, I immediately do my best to calm the situation right away. So I asked other parents if they have any questions? If they dont have any questions, they can go home. But for those who have questions, they can approach me. The parents who dont have any violent reactions about my announcement they immediately leave the school together with their little kids. But for those parents who disagree my idea, we have a closed door conference meeting.

Two of my parents attended the close door conference meeting, I aired my side of why I suggested that idea. I explained that we are just teachers and we are just molding a part of the behavior of their child. Although I agree that we have strong influence to their kids, but that doesn’t mean that the parents no longer have the responsibility to motivate their kids. The parent explained that, they have lots of concern and they can no longer attend to such task. To make it easy for them and would not put so much time and effort in motivating their child. I suggested some ways, like if they are eating on the table, they could ask what they are going to do on the stage. Then, ask them to show it to you. Once they did that give recognition and appreciation. Or while you are walking going to school, ask them to teach you how to do their steps.

Its not really difficult, but if you are just being imaginative and creative you can really do it. The bottom line, the parents are convinced on motivating their kids.

Communicating with your Child through Language

When I entered as a preschool teacher, I have a student before who doesn’t say any word. She is already 6 yrs old but she could not say a word clearly. When I talked to her mother, only to find out she was diagnosed that she has speech delay disabilities. It was when she was still a little girl, when her own parents don’t talk to her that often. Poor little girl because she did not develop her speech during those years. Every time I talked to her I always let her see my mouth moving, and she starts to imitate it and she even holds my mouth.

Teaching the language to the kids should be given a priority because this one will help them communicating with their peers, siblings, and family. For them to interact and socialize with other kids, and also for them to play independently with other kids.

Here are some ways to teach your child when they are:


If your child is upset and angry, just talk to them in calm way. Use simple words and phrases for them to easy understand you. Because they could not comprehend at that very moment.

Teach Correct Behavior

For parents who are successful used the language and reasoning to teach their preschooler behavior. In order for a child to know when to used it and where to apply it in the same situation. Parents should be dedicated and committed to teach how to control them selves.

Teach Good Listening Skills

Preschoolers are difficult to make them listening and if they will listen its only for the short span of time. Its not because they are hard headed or just trying to pissed you off. That is normal for their age; their brains are still developing so they can only focus on one thing. If they are playing, no matter how many times you called their name, they would not look at you. Unless they are done playing certain things.

To improve your child’s listening ability, you have to show how to be a good listener. Like if he is talking to you, put down all the things you are doing and listened to him. Make an eye to eye contact. And remind him that’s how to be a good listener. Then once he did that to you, when you called his name you always say “thank you for being a good listener”.

Importance of Language in the Early Years

In the early years of a child, they try to communicate us by crying, laughing and cooing. That’s their way to express what they want. By keep on listening to the sound of their parents they start to imitate the sound and start to develop some words. In the preschool years, they have acquired some words and even knows how to used it and when to used it.

On this stage some kids, would still cry if they want something. Instead of tolerating them not to talk what they want, try to convince them to say what they want. Don’t let them get used of crying if they need something. Because that behavior is only for infants not for preschool kids.

By 1 yr old, it’s a good practice to let your child practice some easy words. Like Mommy, Daddy, or pee or milk. Any word that has easy syllable, so that they will use this words instead of crying or whining. Some words where not uttered correctly that is good, but correct him/her more often so that he/she will learn the correct pronunciation. The purpose of this learning is for your child to stop crying and whining if they want something, but learn to use those words that you have introduce to them.

Activity Planner for the Week

For me not to get lost on my class activity, I usually prepared some activity other than what I have in my lesson plan. Sometimes you need to think out of the box and need to be creative so that your students, especially preschool they wont get bored and exhausted in what they are doing.

PhotobucketUnfortunately, I came to school unprepared. I started the class without even have my lesson planned. I feel so exhausted in going to school lately, this is because of the upcoming Linggo ng Wika activity. I need to prepare the presentation of my students; I look for the poem and reading materials that my student will recite. Being so perfectionist, I end up nothing and here I am coming to class unprepared.

So to save my day, I let them see the pictures and tell or draw a story what happened to the picture. Then after that I let them guess a word with the first letter that I mentioned. Then I say a word and they will guess what the initial sound is. Ohh, good thing I have reserved activity on my planning. I am so glad that my memory still working to be more creative. This wont happen again, no matter how busy I am I should have my lesson ready a week ahead.

Recognition and Appreciation build self esteem for your children

For years now, I have developed this attitude of good job and job well done remarks to my student and I make sure that I say it with all my heart and with all smiles. To my students, every time I say that, they would smile and boost up to their class mates that they have done a good job. I have noticed it, for a little appreciation and recognition from you that you given to your children. They would feel the confidence and that is the way to develop their self – esteem. Once children have developed the self – esteem in him, he would no longer have the fear to mingle and socialize with other kids.

I also applied that to my son who is 10 years old now; well he is no longer a child. But still he needs to developed his self – esteem because he is ready to mingle and have set of friends. For him not to be aloof and alone in the school nor shy away in participating in the class. I give a 100 % appreciation to my son, sometimes I am giving him a reward but its not money. It a little thing, like for example: he will have another 30 minutes in the computer or another 30 minutes in the TV or maybe 30 minutes to play with his toys or playmates. Then if I have money, I would tell him that we will buy his favorite ice cream or cake. In that little way, I would make him feel that if he does good, he will have this. In the long run, I would like him to do good always and make it a habit not just because of the reward that he is getting but he will turn this into a habit of doing good.

Responsible Son who wake up his Mom

My son and I sleep on the same room, where I held my early morning online class. From Monday to Friday I woke up as early as 5:00 am to prepare for my class on that morning.

However today, I slept around 1:00 am, because I watched movie Letters of Juliet. When my alarm clock alarmed I just turned it off and get back to sleep and thinking that I’ll be sleeping another 15minutes more. As I fall asleep my son wakes me up and reminded me that its almost 5:30 am. I immediately get up and rush to my computer and open it right away. Ohh God I am almost late in my class, thanks to my son who is responsible enough to wake me up, because he knows that I have class on that time.

My student is just waiting for me to come online to start our class. Because of this immediate adrenalin when I woke up, I also rush my class and let him read and read. I did not ask further question and let him talk more instead of keeps on reading. I am lost in our class but I stayed calm and did not let him notice it.

TV Program – Mommy Talks

I don’t know if you are familiar with the TV Program in Lifestyle Network “Momworks” hosted by Ms. Maricel Laxa- Pangilinan. When I became a parent, a first time parent I keeps on searching for some books that would give me some idea and would really put me the in and out of parenting. Upon searching those books I end up looking for a TV program instead because I could not afford to buy a book at that time.

Momworks is the most searched program. I got the TV program scheduled and their airing time. I checked the program in Lifestyle Network my favorite TV channel. Viola there you go Ms. Maricel Lax- Pangilinan just started the show. I learned a lot of things from Ms. Laxa and from there on. I would not miss out any of her program. By just watching the program I got some tips and learned more of parenting, its really helpful for us especially for me as a first time parent. They will also give some recommendation or other alternatives for sickness in our babies.

For those who are interested about the TV Program Momworks you may see them Lifestyle Network every Sundays 8:30pm; Mondays 3:30pm; Wednesday 10:30am; Fridays 9:30pm.

Learning the Parenting Behavior

Before dwelling so much into parenting I would like also to add here, on how we learn to be a parent. Where did we get the learning to be a parent? There are a lot of books that tells so much about parenting and family and magazine that will lead you the in and out of parenting.

As far as I know, we tend to parent the way we were parented. We are most likely the same with our parents if we are not aware of this. But if we are fully aware we apt to choose methods that we like to apply, then we just ignore things that we do not like to use. This is very critical, for you become aware about your parenting styles; we sometimes need someone to tell us about it.

Then we can learn by watching other parents and talking with friends about their experiences. From them you can learn something new and you can choose to apply it, it may not be effective as it is effective to others but at least you will have an idea you will just give it some twist to make it more effective for your children.

We can also learn by doing the trial and error, this is the most common thing happen as a first time parent. Just like me, I tend to do trial and error when I gave birth to my son. Its fun but its rewarding sometimes and always remembers what is the effective way for your children. Always remember this being a parent there is no perfect strategies you may combine with other styles and strategies but 1 strategy alone is not enough.