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Thank You – Nita Thomas

I never thought that I’ll have another blog to write. Before I thought I would stop for only 2 blogs. I feel that I no longer needed another blog. However when the offer was given, I immediately grabbed it and suddenly changed my min. I needed another blog to work on and later monetize it in the sooner date.

However, all this things wouldn’t happen without any help from my friend Genny my ever dearest friend, who would always give me a hint which is which. She’s the one who informed me about this giveaways free domain by Nita Thomas. Secondly, sis Nita Thomas from Bisdak Bloggers FB Community is the one who gave it to me for free. Because of her generosity here I am working on my third blog.

Best of luck for me in my another niche blog that I’ll be working on to make it as more prosperous just like any other blogs that I have. I’ll take it one step at a time and I know I will surely get it there.

As to say thank you for her generosity and friendship I am writing this post to show how much I appreciate and thank you so much for all the blessings that you kept on sharing to other fellow bloggers. May you continue to share your goodness and blessings to others and I know all the blessings will just come to your way.


Here she is tshanan..... Nita Thomas

Here are her blogs that you can check on and will be glad to follow it as well. Thank you much

Nita’s Random Thoughts
Nita’s Corner
Mom away from Work
Home Improvement made Easy
Healthy Eating Lifestyle

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