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Sticky Notes in my Computer

Got another program that downloaded earlier which would help me keep in track with all my activities. Here I’ve got sticky note, I am so thankful that I find this program. This is really so helpful for it guide me in all my daily activities offline and online. With my busy schedules I have to manage my time for each activity that I need to do. Then luckily with the help of this sticky note, I can make my time manageable so easy and conveniently.

Then now all I have do is just look at my sticky notes for activities and tasks that I need to do in a specific time. I have to be obedient with what I have putted in my schedules for me not to lost track. I really need it so badly, then I must follow it.

With your busy schedules do you also keep a planner to keep you track and record all your activity each day. For each day activity do you also put time on how many hours or minutes that you need to spend in each activity? Well, its always good to manage your time because our time is so precious and I just dont want to spend it in a useless matter and non – sense things.


My Calvary just about to Start

After saying goodbye and leaving my hugs and kisses to my students. Here I am facing my own calvary, my own sacrifices. I just hope and wish that I can get through with this in no time. I dont want to think nor count how many days it would be, but here I am writing down in the calendar each day I am done.

I’ve done this before and I know I can still make it through, but this time its so heavy and I feel that I can no longer take the burden. For me this is just the same, but the motivation and inspiration is not as the same before. I wonder why I feel so down and alone with this struggle I have. I feel that I am all alone with this, where in fact I have my family with me who always support me and pray for me. Why I am thinking this way. Anyways, erase, erase so much with that, I have so much things to do and need to finish it within this week. My whole month is full of activity and I cant allow any back jobs.

This first week of February I have to finish this tasks which I am scheduled to do. I dont know how would I do it, but I am sure I have to start it now. Good luck for me, I know I can do it..

Television as a Medium of Learning for Preschoolers


The picture is not mine

One of my toddler’s students could not say a word when he was 2 yrs old. For me I find it unusual, why he cold not speaks any word the least “Mommy” or “Daddy”. I try to talk to his mom, why her son is like that. She told me that her son don’t have any socialization activity social group activities and social and emotion activities with other kids. He is always inside the room and he keeps on watching television. Like the cartoons, movie or any pbs kids show.

The influence of television to children can sometimes create a bad habit. Especially the firs 5 years of early childhood, it is better spent in playing, reading, walking, talking, and painting and crafting, then pbs kids games – in other words these are all doing things together.

However, some parent fined that television is helpful for the growing years of their child. It may be beneficial to their child’s development, but parents should be first selective of what their children are watching. Like programs Barney or any other video learning material that can reinforce the values and principles you wish to develop in your child.

Second, limit your child’s daily view time. You don’t want t create as to your child’s habit so avoid spending too much time on the television. Instead spend other more valuable activities such as playing games, painting, and reading.

Third, you need to watch television together with your child. In that way you can monitor what he/she is watching and you can check and balance if that’s really helpful or not.

Finally, as a mother and parent to your child it always good to set a good example.