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Reinforcement Activity: Games, Nursery Rhymes and Action Songs for the Preschoolers

I can’t believe that I’ll be working and teaching little kids. I thought that being preschool teachers you need to have trainings and workshops for you to be able to understand their behavior, the common behavior for preschoolers and how will you handle it.

My first issue with preschoolers is that they don’t seem to listen. Their attention span is really short and they would not sit down their and would listen to you. They would stand and run around for them get busy. Because of these I have problems on how to teach them, in short classroom management. I have problem with my classroom management for preschooler’s students. I confess that I wasn’t trained to be like this, because in my training teaching; my students where all high school so they behave well. There is no need for me to motivate them for them to behave and listen to me.

As to my reinforcement for this issue, I have to bring back my nursery rhymes and games including the actions songs of my son. Through this I will make my students busy for a while then listen for a while and games for a while and then listen for a while. This is how the teaching proper of a preschoolers. A teacher should be full pack with all the action songs and nursery rhymes.