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Parents can motivate their children to Perform on the stage

I remember once, I have a student who has stage fright. He would not mind at all not performing on the stage and he wont also get envy to his classmates who are enjoying holding the microphone and dancing on the stage. I am concerned why he would not do such thing, I talked to my student and he told me that his mommy is not around. I feel so pity of how the child felt in the absence of his parents.

There is also one instance, it just happened recently. A parent who disagree on me, because I announced in the class together with the parents to please help me motivate their children to perform well on the stage and focus on the dancing steps. This parent immediately voice out her side and said, “its not our part to motivate our children, in the first place, its you who initiated this program so motivate our child to perform well on the stage. Dont give us another job, we have so much things to do.” I feel so ouch at that time. How can a parent say that?

I feel the discussion is getting is no where, I immediately do my best to calm the situation right away. So I asked other parents if they have any questions? If they dont have any questions, they can go home. But for those who have questions, they can approach me. The parents who dont have any violent reactions about my announcement they immediately leave the school together with their little kids. But for those parents who disagree my idea, we have a closed door conference meeting.

Two of my parents attended the close door conference meeting, I aired my side of why I suggested that idea. I explained that we are just teachers and we are just molding a part of the behavior of their child. Although I agree that we have strong influence to their kids, but that doesn’t mean that the parents no longer have the responsibility to motivate their kids. The parent explained that, they have lots of concern and they can no longer attend to such task. To make it easy for them and would not put so much time and effort in motivating their child. I suggested some ways, like if they are eating on the table, they could ask what they are going to do on the stage. Then, ask them to show it to you. Once they did that give recognition and appreciation. Or while you are walking going to school, ask them to teach you how to do their steps.

Its not really difficult, but if you are just being imaginative and creative you can really do it. The bottom line, the parents are convinced on motivating their kids.