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United Nations Activity for Sunnyville and Oak Tree Learning Center

Just today we are going to celebrate our United Nations Activity together with the other school, Oak Tree Learning Center. All of us teachers consider is a big event that is why, we all decided to celebrate it in the big venue. We are all pleased that all our students were present together with the countries costume. I am so glad and happy to see all of them, participated and with their fabulous costume, they all look so amazing.

The program started with parade together with their country flags. They all walked along fantastic with great smiles and waving flags. These activity aim to boost their self – confidence in stage and performing in front of a big crowd. Every group of countries has its own performance and at the same time introduction part.

Its nice to see kids performing with their level of energy, nice to see them performing well enough. Over all presentation we all did a great job. I congratulate each and every one for this successful performance. Although some of my students got sick, they are still here to show off their talents and costume.

We us teachers, we also got our part, we are the one who represents our own country Philippines and as a finale, we also made our on stage performance. Nice one everyone…



Activity Planner for the Week

For me not to get lost on my class activity, I usually prepared some activity other than what I have in my lesson plan. Sometimes you need to think out of the box and need to be creative so that your students, especially preschool they wont get bored and exhausted in what they are doing.

PhotobucketUnfortunately, I came to school unprepared. I started the class without even have my lesson planned. I feel so exhausted in going to school lately, this is because of the upcoming Linggo ng Wika activity. I need to prepare the presentation of my students; I look for the poem and reading materials that my student will recite. Being so perfectionist, I end up nothing and here I am coming to class unprepared.

So to save my day, I let them see the pictures and tell or draw a story what happened to the picture. Then after that I let them guess a word with the first letter that I mentioned. Then I say a word and they will guess what the initial sound is. Ohh, good thing I have reserved activity on my planning. I am so glad that my memory still working to be more creative. This wont happen again, no matter how busy I am I should have my lesson ready a week ahead.

Ways to Alleviate the Boredom of your Preschoolers Students

This is my first issue being a Preschool Teachers, as what I’ve mentioned in my previous post. I keep them busy by having games, nursery rhymes and action songs. But this is not enough, I also mentioned that as a Preschool Teacher I need to have a full pack of different activities because it may get bored again by having the same games all through out the week or month. I have to keep on changing and keeping something reserve for it to be new to them.

Here are some of the things I did inside the classroom:

1. I kept 1 set of toys for them to play for this week only. Then another set for next week. I rotate the toys, same with the story telling books and action songs.

2. I have an art box that have inside the art materials, like glue, scissors, art paper, stickers, stamps, crayons and coloring books. With this we can easily grab it and we all crayon together or cut together or anything just for your students to keep busy.

3. Then I also make a sign “Today you are” so in a box they are going to get a piece of paper that would tell their responsibility for that day. It’s a little job for them to be trained a responsible student.

4. Then my last activity is viewing an educational material.

Planning activities ahead of time would definitely give you an assurance for a success one. I rotate these activities every now and then. I also make sure to get small details in my student’s interest and see if I can create some games or other activities. Just being observant and every thing will be in the right place.

Sunnyville Early Childhood Learning Center – As a First Time Teacher

I did not expect that I would be a Teacher in Sunnyville Early Childhood Learning Center, because at that time I am still finishing my education course I am on my last semester when I applied for as a Teacher. But my boss did not hesitate to hire me and start working the next day. I know they are indeed in need of a Teacher at that time. Because of some issues with other previous teacher, I really make a commitment not to do the same thing.

When I started teaching the little kids, its really a big leap for me. Because its entirely different from what I am used to High School students. Just imagine what are the adjustments I made in order for me to have a different style of teaching with the little kids. It’s a tremendous change in my style of teaching, but with a few feedbacks from my other classmates and my aunt who is also teaching preschoolers. I changed abruptly and still go on with my tasks as a Preschool Teacher. With only a few days of preparation I made all my lesson plans and activities ready for my teaching.

Working with preschoolers are not an easy task, it takes a lot of energy and patience for you to be able to survive the whole day class. But I made it all possible with the help of my few friends and also with my boss. In addition, with the guidance of our Dear God.

Niche – Preschool Life

Before I have been wondering what would be the niche for this blog. Fortunately I am into preschool teaching so I’ve decided to make this blog my daily dairy as a preschool teacher. It also includes some techniques if you have toddlers or preschool kid for the parents. I will also include some games and some tips to make your child more adventurous and have fun in learning the foundation of school.

I am so excited to make this blog and keep it growing. However, these past weeks I am so busy with other things because I am getting ready to monetize my other blog. So I work on my other blog keep it up and do some traffic to make it more popular. But now I just cant leave this blog without doing anything. Like, what I said I so excited of this blog and keep on thinking what would be my first post and my succeeding posts.

What I am aware of; this blog will be an educational for the parents and for some teachers out there. I hope I will distribute and convey the message so simple to make life easier for everyone. Just hang on there and keep coming back as I offer different every week. I’ll see you around.