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Fascinating ways that your Preschoolers can Learn

Teachers in the preschool needs to be more creative and imaginative in their teaching strategies. As a teacher of the preschoolers, every time I introduce new topic I always wonder how can they learn from me? Would they understand what I’ll be teaching them? To attained the objectives of my lesson, I making sure in every activity they would learn and at the same time have fun.

It has been told many times that children are great imitators. They can learn easily through imitations. In fact preschoolers can learn so much of their behavior by just observing and imitating to the people around them. As a parent you have a direct interaction and give a big impact on the behavior you are showing them. Always display or show good attitudes and manners then they will also follow you.

Preschoolers are believer of fantasy or make – believe. Their fantasy world help them to connect with the reality. They love to pretend like they are the father, mother, doctors, teachers, policeman, soldier and so much more. As long as it will display power just like superheroes. In my classes I always portray as the fairy god mother who has the strongest power. With that imagination they will tend to focus more on me, because sometimes I am dress up like a fairy god mother, I also have my own magic wand. All through out our class, all eyes on me and from there on I can introduce the new lesson for them. Easy as that.

The last one that I am using for the preschoolers to learn is through stories. Reading stories for my students is our chance to bond. They mostly like fantasy stories and they would listen and focus to you very well. From that short stories they can learn values, good attitudes and good behavior. This is the moment that they are encourage to share and say something about the readings. It will develop their cognitive and language skills.




Importance of Language in the Early Years

In the early years of a child, they try to communicate us by crying, laughing and cooing. That’s their way to express what they want. By keep on listening to the sound of their parents they start to imitate the sound and start to develop some words. In the preschool years, they have acquired some words and even knows how to used it and when to used it.

On this stage some kids, would still cry if they want something. Instead of tolerating them not to talk what they want, try to convince them to say what they want. Don’t let them get used of crying if they need something. Because that behavior is only for infants not for preschool kids.

By 1 yr old, it’s a good practice to let your child practice some easy words. Like Mommy, Daddy, or pee or milk. Any word that has easy syllable, so that they will use this words instead of crying or whining. Some words where not uttered correctly that is good, but correct him/her more often so that he/she will learn the correct pronunciation. The purpose of this learning is for your child to stop crying and whining if they want something, but learn to use those words that you have introduce to them.

Sunnyville Early Childhood Learning Center – As a First Time Teacher

I did not expect that I would be a Teacher in Sunnyville Early Childhood Learning Center, because at that time I am still finishing my education course I am on my last semester when I applied for as a Teacher. But my boss did not hesitate to hire me and start working the next day. I know they are indeed in need of a Teacher at that time. Because of some issues with other previous teacher, I really make a commitment not to do the same thing.

When I started teaching the little kids, its really a big leap for me. Because its entirely different from what I am used to High School students. Just imagine what are the adjustments I made in order for me to have a different style of teaching with the little kids. It’s a tremendous change in my style of teaching, but with a few feedbacks from my other classmates and my aunt who is also teaching preschoolers. I changed abruptly and still go on with my tasks as a Preschool Teacher. With only a few days of preparation I made all my lesson plans and activities ready for my teaching.

Working with preschoolers are not an easy task, it takes a lot of energy and patience for you to be able to survive the whole day class. But I made it all possible with the help of my few friends and also with my boss. In addition, with the guidance of our Dear God.

What shall the Parents do of a Preschooler?

 At this stage of a Preschooler, parents are the most important person for them. It’s only the parents who can understand their demands and sometimes tolerate their misbehavior. However what a parent can do with their preschooler is for them to understand that discipline is a teaching process. At first hand, it’s the first who teach their preschoolers about the discipline and behavior. Then from what I understand, discipline includes everything we do to teach our children with the way they think for themselves and for others. Then make a good decisions and choices.

For the parents to be effective in this way, parents should learn the way to teach, practice and reinforce any necessary rules for the good behavior, rather than announcing it to them.

Parents should always display good models to their preschoolers, because that is their basis for the good and bad then right and wrong. Parents should use manners for them to teach manners, how can they teach manners if the parents itself don’t have any manners. Then practice self – control to teach self – control. Above all, parents should remember that their kids or preschoolers trust their parents first. So just be consistent and maintain of being affectionate and appreciative to their unique world and try to see the situation in their own point of view. A little of some verbal encouragement to build motivation and self – esteem. Be proactive in correcting the misbehavior by redirecting your child to a positive replacement behaviors.

Get ready for the Preschoolers

Preschool teachers are more aware that their students appear to be self – centered, demanding, annoying, energetic, curious, and adventurous little kid. When time comes that they are disappointed (getting low scores) or frustrated (lose in the game), expect that it will turn into an emotional outburst and will cry to let out their frustration and disappointment. This is the way they test their limits and how long is your patience. Headache and stressful sometimes this is what will give us teachers, if you don’t know how to handle this. But if you are aware and know how to get rid of this then if will be less stressful for you as a teacher.

Being a parent first then a teacher it requires a wide range of personal qualities and technical skills. You need to come together your talents of a teacher, director, mediator, chef, medic, consoler, and monster destroyer. So having students between the ages of 3 yrs old and six yrs old, is more challenging tasks. We are all aware that during these ages is an stage of development that comprises the early childhood for nursery or preschool and kindergarten years. During these years they are inclined to learn their communication skills, psycho-motor and problem solving skills with social interaction with their classmates. This is critical years for the preschooler because the behaviors and attitudes that are formed during this period last a lifetime.

If I had my Child to Raise over Again

I want to share this poem coming from Diane Loomans.


If I had my child to raise over again,

I’d fingerpaint more and point the finger less.

I’d do less correcting and more connecting.

I’d take my eyes off my watch, and watch with my eyes.

I would care to know less and know to care more.

I’d take more hikes and fly more kites.

I’d stop playing serious, and seriously play.

I’d run through more fields and gaze at more stars.

I’d do more hugging and less tugging.

I would be firm less often, and affirm much more.

I’d built self –esteem first, and the house later.

I’d teach less about the love of power, and more about the power of love.


This is really an inspiring poem for all of us as parents to our kids. Sometimes we tend to forget what our little ones needs and we focus more on a bigger aspect of life. I really can’t blame with that, because I myself as a parents would do much more work than play with my son and its always the house that comes first to my priority.

Upon reading this poem it made me realize my mistakes and flaws. Now I want to raise my son all over again to follow some points of this poem. I guess with that I can make my son a better and good man in the future. But it’s too late; well he is no longer a pre school but becoming a teenage so I guess I need to have a different approach.